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Irene-Wakonda School District 13-3



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Coach Rozys

Regarding Coach Rozy’s

For grades 7-12, the workouts will be Monday-Thursday 6:30-8:00 AM. The cost is $279 per kid. We will be doing an 85% rule, meaning if you make 85% or more of the workouts, you will get $100 off per kid. When you register, you’ll write out two checks, one for the total amount of the $279 per kid, and one deducting the $100 per kid. Coach Rozy will hold the checks until the summer program is complete. If your child makes the 85% or more of workouts, we will shred the checks for the total amount and cash the other one. The Irene-Wakonda Booster Club is covering the remaining amount. A big thank you to our Booster Club and our donors!!

Grades 2nd-6th grade will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15-9:00 AM. They will go to the high school just like last year. This cost will be $99 per kid. The same 85% rule is in effect as the high school, except the amount you deduct is $50 per kid. 

There will be a Google docs page showing attendance, so you know where your child is at on attendance. There will be a “results of testing” page as well. 

We will start Tuesday, May 28th. That first week of workouts, our main gym floor will be getting worked on, so they will do the workouts in the old gym. Starting June 4th, everything will be in new gym going forward. 

There is a mandatory ‘dead week’ which is July 1st-5th. So workouts will be on pause for that week. The last workout is August 8th. 

PLEASE, do not let money be the issue why your child doesn’t participate in these workouts. We have donors that will sponsor your child. We also may have to look out for one another with transportation. If transportation is an issue please ask around if you can carpool with others to and from the workouts. 

Forms will be available in both schools in the next week or so. Return forms and the two checks to the office. Please do not mail to Avera. Registration due by May 17th (get in ASAP). 

If you have any questions/concerns, especially regarding the two check rule, please contact Eric Anderson at 605-661-4709

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